Q. How big will the ramp be? 
A. We will design it to have a safe, easy-to-use gradient recommended by the Building Regulations.



Q. How long will it take to install the ramp? 
A. Installation will generally take a day to complete unless there is extensive work needed.


Q. What happens if there is an issue with the access product? 
A. All our products have a three-year guarantee. We have been installing ramps successfully for more than 20 years and would expect a 25+ year life span. 



Q. What maintenance will I have to do? 
A. Very little maintenance is required. We recommend that the walkway be swept to keep dirt away and suggest wiping down the handrails with soapy water twice a year.


Q. What are your stock lead times? 
A. This is dependent on the size of the project, however generally lead times are between 2-4 weeks from the point of order. This is subject to change.  


Q. What are your quotation lead times? 
A. Quotations can be returned within 24hrs if there is clear information given, including project address, drawings, photos and contact details. Please send all details to [email protected] or fill in our quick quote form


Q. How much does a ramp cost?
A. The cost of a ramp will vary from project to project. For example, a standard, straight Rapid Ramp will start from £2,500. Quotations can be subject to site survey reports, and VAT exemptions apply.


Q. How wide should a ramp be?
A. Wheelchair ramps for public use should have a minimum width of 1500mm, while the minimum width for ramps to dwellings is 900mm.


Q. How long should a ramp be?
A. It depends on the threshold height and gradient required. Suppose the ramp is too short for the threshold height of the entry point. In that case, it can create an unnecessary steep gradient that can be hard for a user with mobility issues to ascend independently. Plus, it can make it difficult for a caregiver to safely push a hospital bed or wheelchair user.


Q. What surfaces can a ramps be installed over?
A. Our steel Rapid Ramp Systems and steps can be installed over a variety of soft and hard surfaces. This might not be the case for other materials.


Q. How are the ramps secured to the ground?  
A. Screws are used to secure the ramp to certain floorings such as concrete, paving and tarmac. The ramp is often installed with slip-resistant rubber tiles or concrete pad stones underneath the leg feet for muddy or grassy terrain.


Q. How strong is the mesh platform? 
A. Our mesh platforms have a safe working load of 1000KG  (when installed correctly). 


Q.  What colour will my system be?
A. Black is the standard handrail colour.

Handrails are powder-coated black to create a durable finish that is tougher than conventional paint.


Q. Does Rapid Ramp Do their own installation?
A. Yes, we have our own installation teams based across the UK.  


Q. Will Rapid Ramp remove the existing ramp?
A. As part of the service we offer, our fitters can dismantle and remove existing wooden ramps.


Q. What height can the ramp be up to?
. The highest ramp to date we have designed and installed was 3 metres high.


Q. Can the legs be adjusted?
. Yes, the legs can be adjusted to accommodate different threshold heights.


Q. Are foundations under the ramp necessary?
A. Our ramps are typically installed over an existing hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac. We do have structural calculations to support the correct specification of concrete pads if required.  


Q. Do ramp be installed over tree roots? 
A. Yes, ramps can be installed in areas with roots, including near protected trees, by providing root-friendly foundations. Excavation and concrete can be minimised or completely eliminated if required.


Q. Do we provide DWGs with our ramp designs?
A.Yes, we provide DWGs with our designs. These are created in-house and supplied with your quotation.


Q. How do I book a ramp site survey? 
A. Contact our sales team.
Email: [email protected] 

Or fill in our quick quote form



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