Introducing the Chargepod cabin, a revolutionary solution that enhances the convenience, safety, and security of charging cordless tool batteries.

This innovative unit addresses the challenges of misplaced or stolen batteries and the frustration of having your charger unplugged for other purposes.

Specifically designed to provide a controlled environment for battery charging, the cabin is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system and individual RCD (Residual Current Device) protection. These features ensure the utmost protection for your site or premises. Additionally, the unit's high visibility improves site productivity and safety by reducing the time spent searching for charging points and eliminating trip hazards and tangled cables.

The Chargepod cabin features 20 secure lockers, each equipped with twin RCD-protected sockets, offering charge points for up to 40 tools. These vandal-proof lockers are fitted with coin return locks, individual numbers, and are supplied with two keys per lock. Moreover, the cabins are fully grounded and electrically certified, providing a reliable and safe charging solution.

Transporting the units around the site is effortless, thanks to the forklift pockets or high-level lifting eyes incorporated into their design. Built with durability in mind, the all-steel unit is capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of a construction site. Furthermore, the main entrance door can be locked during nights or weekends, ensuring that your tools are securely charged overnight and ready for use the next day.


  • Length - 1220mm/4ft
  • Width - 1220mm/4ft
  • Height - 2377mm
  • Unladen Weight 620kg
  • Powder requirement 32Amp Appliance Inlet


  • Convenient on-site battery charging
  • Improves site productivity.
  • Secures batteries from loss or theft
  • Enhanced site safety and fire protection
  • Tough long-life design

20 Secure Lockers

Twin 13A RCD protected Sockets per Locker

Automatic Fire Suppression System

Robust Vandal proof Design

Coin Return Locking System

Compact & easy to Transport


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